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You can easily access the full certificate page at the homepage.

You can deposit and withdraw immediately at the Wallets page. The exchange also offers games such as Lottery and Dice, a faucet of different coins, Investbox, When it comes to security, certificate is 2-factor authentication ready using Google authenticator and Email verification.

How to create an certificate at Yobit? Go to the website and click on the Certificate tab as shown below. Go to your email and click the verification link from the message sent to you by Yobit. Yobit will recommend you to enable 2-Factor Authentication. Copy and keep in private your Secret Key. You would need yobit in case you lose your phone.

You should now be using Google Authenticator every time yobit login. How to fund you Yobit account? To deposit, go to Wallets page. You can browse through the currencies by using the scroll bar or the search bar. For BTC deposit, use the address given or the QR code as the receiving address when sending yobit buying bitcoins from an agent or third party exchange.

How to withdraw your funds? Withdrawing funds from Yobit is also easy as depositing.

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In this example we are going to use BTC withdrawal. Input your withdrawal address should be from a yobit party wallet or exchange and the amount you want to withdraw. Withdrawal fee is fixed and displayed. Click here to learn how to trade in Yobit.

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