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Lucius on January 17, I just check and all balance is there,so far I have no problem with them. Before they send me e-mail for log in verification,but this is not the case anymore.

Is it possible that you and some others are victims of phishing or your log in data was exposed in any way? Thank you for participating and thank you for giving your observation.

To tell you the truth I honestly want to believe that what happened to my wallet was not their intention. No way I was hacked. For 13 years I worked as a senior network engineer with an ISP and I take pretty good care of the security of my devices. I’m not saying I’m a God given expert, but something as naive as a phishing attack is out of the question. Fake support and stuff That even didn’t work back in 90’s. The suggestion of Yobit’s support is not holding the water for a lot of reasons.

Well, here is why: I’m a dumbass and got phished. They still have to go trough the 2FA. Now, let us say further that they bypassed 2FA somehow. Apparently they hacked along the way my smartphone as well, got it turned on at just before 2 AM and used for 2FA, than they turned it back off. So they did that as well. Then we come to a point where the login attempt from a new IP has to be confirmed trough a unique link sent by an email.

In the meantime not a single notification came in.

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