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Not my cup of tea Average rating: Unless you have a lot of work requiring the use of steam, you may want to keep looking. I just finished mopping and found this to be awkward to use.

First, the cord is so thick and heavy that it makes the whole mop heavy. Plus the cord is stiff and difficult to manage. Second, once the mop head gets wet, it becomes harder to slide back and forth on the floor. Third, if you use the hand held part for cleaning grout and etc, plan for hard labor. When it’s full of water, it’s heavier and you need two hands to use it.

I do think it would be great for a grill though. Fourth, while using the attachments, it’s easy to brush against the steam adjusting dial. I put it on the highest setting to clean the grout in the shower and frequently brushed the dial, lowering the setting.

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The dial should have fixed settings so that it’s not so easy to change it. Fifth, you have to wait several seconds for the light to turn green every time you move the cord from one outlet to another even if you’re only moving it 20 feet.

The positives are the adjustable steam settings. The attachments are great for directing high shots of steam on a small, narrow area. It’s also much sturdier than the Shark Steam Mop.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who has shoulder problems.

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But if you like a workout while you’re cleaning then this’ll be great. The asking price for this tool, considering all that it’s capable of, is very fair. It’s not a bad product, it’s just not my favorite cleaning tool..

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