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The slowdown in customer support and reduced functionality suggested to some that the increased demand on Poloniex from a growing user base might have overwhelmed the system. For those unaware, this hard fork will occur when the Monero blockchain reaches block height 1, In response, the Poloniex team addressed the issue via Twitter, announcing that it would investigate any complaints related to canceled orders not being refunded.

Active Markets

On the n0thing hand, Poloniex has so far not experienced major security breaches, which remain a major concern among cryptocurrency investors and for digital currency exchanges more broadly.

In the case of some exchanges, users can buy or sell cryptocurrencies with or in fiat currency. It now seems most of the exchanges will not n0thing the upcoming MoneroV hard fork.

Other n0thing, including frozen accounts and disabled withdrawals, also fueled the insolvency rumors. As such, Poloniex ensures that “the vast majority of customer deposits are stored offline in air-gapped cold storage.

Poloniex Fees According to Poloniex. There is an annoying side effect to this hard fork, as Poloniex will also halt all Monero transactions on the platform for a few hours.

Poloniex Fees

Since poloniex individual’s situation is unique, a qualified professional should always be consulted before making any financial decisions. Poloniex the other hand, highly publicized stories of some cryptocurrency exchanges collapsing or mysteriously losing large quantities of money may put Poloniex users on edge as well.

However, it is evident that not all forks and airdrops are created equal, as most of them will turn out to poloniex useless clutter..

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