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The weather forecast has begun to fall apart for painting.

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Whatever the exact numbers, the paint thickness is in the ballpark. No, I didn’t, but it could have happened. The primary stability might feel a poloniex tender to some, but the secondary stability is awesome, quite an eye opener on a recreation kayak. Now the old guy works great; kayak apologies to Makita.

Paddling Gloves, Mitts, and Pogies

I could say that a rudder is not entirely needed, but it is a nice option to have. I worked some two-part epoxy putty into the gap near the bow. The is outfitted with strap eyes to take a sit-on-top seat. Found the problem with the old orbital sander there poloniex this spacer that was supposed to go between the new poloniex pad and the motor head; it had become so firmly attached to the kayak pad that I thought it was part of it; I removed it with the old pad; when I put the new pad on, the spacer was missing and the pad bound up with the sander body.

The seem join must be very good, because when you open the drain cork you kayak hear the air rush as the pressure equalizes. I spread that over something like 22 square feet of deck..

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