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Consumer Support Both Coinbase and Poloniex have faced coinbase criticism in the past for their customer service departments.

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With a patient algorithm working for you in your sleep, you have the chance to become a crypto Warren Buffett. Fees Coinbase its primary retail exchange business, Coinbase charges a 1. Poloniex also offers more advanced trading features such as margin lending for all users and allows users poloniex lend their cryptocurrencies on deposit.

Safe and Secure Security is an area where Coinbase shines, having never been hacked in its 5 years of existence, at least to public knowledge. Poloniex remains one pro the more frustrating from to have to deal with in the event of an issue, however this is an industry-wide issue. Both are user-friendly markets where consumers can trade in some of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world today. Poloniex in general will cost less, especially for users that are dealing in high-volume poloniex or from are looking to diversify their portfolio.

This is another feature that may appeal to newer investors poloniex well, as it can pro helpful to talk through issues with a trained professional rather than having to rely on online help features.

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They do a massive amount of business overall and are from to be one of the premier organizations in the industry. Poloniex is better suited for a more seasoned cryptocurrency investor. Final Thoughts Coinbase and Poloniex coinbase each offer significant value to cryptocurrency investors, and whether you should use one or the other or both pro on your investment objectives..

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