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Before we get into things, I first want to cover all of my bases and say this is not investment advice. Please do your own research before making any investments. I post all updates, new trades and everything else on my Twitter first. EquiTrader is a social platform for traders where they can share their ideas and get rewarded by the community.

EQT comes equipped with trading charts, indicators, trading tools and other features which will make it easy to make technical analysis. You will also have the ability to shadow other traders and make automatic trades based on what they do.

Perfect Product for Crypto Having a social platform where traders can share their investment analysis and then get rewarded is a perfect concept for this market.

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I think that a lot of the major crypto influencers will get on this platform and utilize it, which will then in turn help EQT get bigger. This is an easy foot in the door and will allow the project to gain traction much quicker. I think EQT will do this as well. Social, which is a company owned by Alvin Lee https: Having a big player behind the platform will be extremely beneficial once the platform is launched and he can start promoting it.

Plus this adds a lot of credibility behind the project as well. In Q1 of they will release the iOS and Android apps, Q2 the beta of the social trading platform will be released huge news and then in Q3 the social trading platform will be released to the public. We have at least a whole year of upcoming catalysts that will all have a major impact on the price. It was listed on Cryptopia previously but when they did a coin swap they were removed.

Why is this a good thing? The EQT team is in discussion with Cryptopia to be added now that the swap has been completed. See below for proof of them being added to Cryptopia soon: This is an awesome return.

I have already seen some great returns from staking. Before the coin swap they told everyone to move their coins to CoinExchange.

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