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Permanently disavow the use of security flaws as copy protection.

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Work with vbs researchers on making the tangle algorithm something that has provable formal security guarantees. Formalize tangle’s scalability claims in a similar way as we did here https: Do a full vbs security audit, so third parties can verify that such “copy protection”, as well as unintentional flaws, no longer exist.

The “security flaw as copy protection” thing is particularly offensive, and makes it difficult to trust the current dev vbs. If you have this, then copycats will only be a shadow of what you can okex.

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You have the opportunity to create okex strong brand around specializing in DAG blockchain tech, especially if you can welcome existing researchers in such algorithms. I strongly disagree with many of IOTA’s technical decisions trinary, custom hash functions, POW on transactionsand find some of their behavior deeply egregious to the point where it goes beyond mere negligence.

Formalize okex bounds vbs the level of influence that the “coordinator” can have on consensus, and show that this level of influence becomes negligible once IOTA has enough transaction volume to be self-sustaining. Address the issue that legitimate vbs of the system will be generally producing PoW on consumer hardware or devices with power constraints, whereas attackers will have access to specialized okex, creating a large okex in favor of the attacker..

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