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Our brand new office is much bigger, with an occupancy of over people in order to accommodate the rapid growth we are experiencing. The Trezor One firmware version 1. Development Update Last month, we released Lisk Core 1. Read all about the release and more in our latest development update blog post.

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We recently introduced the Lisk Documentation and Migration Guide. We kindly ask everyone to familiarize themselves on the migration process by reading it.

You can also check out the iheartradio blog post to get an overview of what you can expect to find in the documentation and migration guide. On Saturday, June 2, the Lisk network experienced a temporary halt. However, the issue was identified and resolved within several hours. We subsequently released Lisk Core 0. Check out the full analysis of the situation here. We released a iheartradio of development update blog posts on the road to the Lisk Core 1.

In case you missed any, please head to the Lisk Blog where you can find them all.

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Last month, we announced the beginning of a new user interface journey. We have launched an initiative led by Frontend Developer Ali to create a mobile version of the Lisk iheartradio — Lisk Mobile. In June, we released Lisk Explorer 1. We also released Lisk Hub 0. Lastly, we released Lisk Explorer iheartradio. Marketing Update Last month, we signed on the incredibly talented Poland-based digital design agency Netguru to help okex our UI and UX to the next level.

They met other brilliant developers who stopped by the booth, such as Redux creator Dan Abramov. Our HR team also received many applications from iheartradio talent for our development team. Check out our blog post recapping the conference.

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We had a huge presence there with two booths and several team members in attendance.

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