OKEx Launches XLM : Stellar

Karma farming causes suspicion among users and c60 engaging in it will not have posts approved. Threats of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in a ban. Debate is encouraged, but hostile language is not tolerated. A note on ICO’s and other projects: If you’re planning an ICO on Stellar’s network, that’s great!

However, please note that this community thrives on engagement. The karma and 15 day post limit are in place to encourage new users to interact in the comments, share their thoughts and c60, and learn about the Stellar ecosystem.

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By engaging the userbase, in this way, you do a service to your project AND the community. Please do not try to circumvent this practice as it will likely lead to a ban.

Altcoins are off-topic in the Stellar subreddit. Use the search function okex see if your post has already been shared. No referral linking, it’s strictly prohibited and can lead to permanent ban.

No ad services, or ads for commercial offerings. No faucet or faucet farming offerings. No cryptojacking or services using visitor’s CPU power to mine cryptocurrency. Please make sure it’s clear how your post applies to Stellar. No manipulation No double accounts.

No brigading, shilling, pumping, or FUD posts. Moderators adhere to Reddit’s global rules on Vote cheating or vote manipulation. No trading or begging No buy, sell, beg, or trade offers. No bounty or airdrop announcements. No double c60, ICOs can only have one announcement in the sub.

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