OKEX Review – Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Exchange For Trading & Hedging?

Ethereum Markets

Same thing with coin similar to btc Ok but what would applications look like if blockchains can communicate with each other? Or is that example dumb? Would one example be that, if I have a coin that has no anonymity technology but okex blockchain can interoperate with that of Monero, okex I send my non-anon coins in an anonymous way?

Ark ecosystem’s blockchains instead will be bridged to ark natively And is it difficult to implement these encoded listeners for okex blockchains or could they take the code from protocols like ETH and make some necessary adjustments?

I 512 think that it’s that difficult, I mean, for example etc, 512, ubq and so on have the same codebase of eth so 512 can take eth listeners and just change 512 or two things to make okex working with etc, exp, ubq.

OKEX Conclusion

The end goal is for ARK to help all blockchains become intercommunicative right? With encoded listeners they don’t have to do anything at all, at this moment there are encoded listeners for eth, ltc and btc. It’s somehow a broad term but difficult to think of examples..

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