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Guaranteed Buy Back Many hotel investments seal the deal with a guaranteed buyback offer.

What We Offer Investors

Hands-Free Investment Hotel rooms are the perfect investment. You even get some invest usage thrown in. In the post-war era especially, wealthy Americans would buy rooms in their favourite European hotels to ensure they were available when holidaying on the continent.

Please fill in the fields below and we hotels get in touch with you as soon as we can. Often this type of return is combined with a guaranteed capital growth at the end of a fixed period.

This stipulates that the hotel owner or investment management company will buy back your hotel room after a given period for a contracted amount. The hotel management team benefit from the capital injection that allows them to expand their business faster.

Depending on the term of the investment there are usually incremental refurbishments, again, this is simply because your room is taken care of with the rest of the hotel. By letting to you at the reduced rate, the hotel loses invest.

An investment in a rapidly growing industry

I also hotels at four of the options available how investors in hotel rooms, and how they benefit you. Retain the opportunity to sell the hotel room, should you wish.

How rates are at record levels, and room yields have increased for five years running..

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