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Yes, this is a very general and subjective topic. But I thought I would go ahead and give my opinion on some of the best 9mm handguns you can buy today. I take various factors into consideration, such as quality, durability, reliability, cost, ergonomics, accuracy, aesthetic appeal, track record, field stripping, availability of accessories, and availability of parts.

My hope is that this can serve as a useful resource if you are looking to buy a 9mm handgun. A 9mm pistol is a great option because ammunition prices are reasonable, it has manageable recoil and adequate stopping power. Make sure you buy high-quality defensive ammunition to provide adequate stopping power for home defense. I will focus on home defense and range guns here. Most of the guns on this list will be too large for concealed carry. But manufacturers offer compact and subcompact variations for many of the guns on this list.

If you like the. You might also consider a revolver chambered in. If you want a range gun for target practice, then consider a. You will also find suggestions for gun maintenance and shooting supplies that I highly recommend below. Please VOTE for your favorite 9mm below. It is one of the most popular guns on the market. It is a quality pistol and the most reliable money can buy.

The Glock 17 is a full-size pistol. While the Glock 19 is a compact model.

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