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Malta is part of the eurozone and uses Euros EUR as their currency. However, the Malta Financial Services Authority MFSA has successfully attracted aircraft and ship registration, credit-card bitcoin banking licences, fund administration, and gaming businesses.

Binance, the largest crypto exchange by volume, bitcoin recently announced that it will relocate its headquarters to Malta.

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Additionally, obtaining residency in Malta is fairly easy due to its Global Residence Programme. Malta is one of the few EU countries which does not impose a property tax.

This includes profit made in stock bitcoin and so should extend to crypto gains too, at least until such time as specific laws are passed. Finance Malta, a quasi-governmental info site, reports that Malta does not yet have laws in place earn the taxation of cryptocurrency. Government Stance on Bitcoin Businesses In February ofthe Maltese government created the new Malta Digital Innovation Authoritywhich provides a comprehensive regulatory framework for crypto businesses.

The MDIA seeks to certify blockchain platforms used by companies. It will also improve the verification processes for crypto platform users. The government has stated that these delays earn the banking sector will resolve themselves once official legislation is in place. Indeed, USD is frequently used in Bermuda.

A lot of financial companies operate from Bermuda, especially in the insurance sector, and there are 4 major banks situated there.

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Bermuda reportedly has the highest GDP per capita in the bitcoin, as its favourable tax rates and island lifestyle attract high net worth individuals and major corporations. Bermuda is renowned as a tax haven. It has no VAT, nor any corporate, income, wealth or capital gains taxes. Earn are also high duties levied on all imports.

Google is one of the more famous companies to take advantage of Bermudan tax law. There are more than 15, companies registered in Bermuda which have no physical presence or employees there.

Bitcoin is gdp recognised as legal tender in Bermuda, which explains its tax-free status. The gist is that the country seeks to attract gdp business but is putting in place regulation to prevent criminality. Bermuda aims to implement anti-money laundering AML standards and provide a reasonable, friendly framework for cryptocurrency businesses and startups.

ICOs will receive special attention, requiring explicit approval from the Minister of Finance before being allowed to operate in Bermuda.

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