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May I ask if you get this error in ANY other mode, such as the non-print mode or the print and item count mode? May I also ask if this “E” comes on immediately when you switch the unit on? It comes on as I switch to print. What I mean is does the device actually function – including the printer – when in that mode?

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I know this may require a TEST, so please let me know. Only in the dot mode, first stop, in P the E comes on and in P. IC the E comes on. But now that you mentioned that it happens in BOTH modes that use the printer, then I would diagnose this as a failed printer.

Unfortunately, these units can be more expensive to troubleshoot and repair than it is to simply buy a replacement unit. Now if you “know someone” that does this type of work small equipment repair and they can “give you a break”, you may be able to get this unit repaired at a reasonable cost.

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So I would have to recommend that unless you have a friend in the repair business, a new unit would be the way to go. I know this may not be what you wanted to hear, but I hope you understand that I will only give you an honest and correct answer. Please let me know what you decide.

Take Care, Greg A. I appreciate your input. It is exactly the advice I needed to decide to retire this machine. We will buy a new one.

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