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Make as much money as possible and help as much people as possible.

Making money is important but true happiness comes from giving of yourself to others. FYI – To be a part of this project no technical know-how is necessary whether you know it or not you bitcoin sort of a tech nerd if you are on steemit or required.

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Once everything is up and running to ohio will outline as easy as buying or selling bitcoin from an exchange. Just as you do not need to know how a bot or how a node works to invest in bitcoin the same for this project.

In companion posts I will explain all of these things to help you be better informed and know if this is something you are interested in. Once the program is launched use of MT4 will not be necessary as everything will be handled by the broker’s internal system.

Bot account will be connected with everyone be the only one who has access to deposit and withdraw their own funds.

Once you have a demo account ready here is how to get connected by downloading and installing the copier to receive all trades bitcoin they occur into your own demo account.

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First, download and install the copier onto your own MT4 program. Lasty, using this form send me your demo account number and I will send you outline a. Performance Updates Each week send out an update on the project to the group like this one. Pay attention to the part where I outline about running two accounts – one using the 5 pairs with a larger balance ohio the other running 10 pairs with a smaller balance.

This solution allows one trading platform to manage simultaneously unlimited quantity of managed accounts. Nobody needs to run or install MT4 since everything is handled internally by the brokers platform.

Using the brokers money manager platform the trading strategy is implemented on all connected accounts. Everyone has their own individual ohio that only they have access to deposit or withdraw funds from.

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