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An unemployed person in Indonesia has a lot of time and little money; the 21 app allows him to earn bitcoin for small tasks. A wealthy VC in Silicon Valley has a lot of money but little time and struggles to effectively filter communications; the 21 app filters out spam and makes it easier for her to communicate with the people who really want to communicate with her and also allows her to monetize time spent communicating either directly or to a charity.

A question you may have is why Bitcoin? There are a number of other micro-task apps like Spare5 and Gigwalk that people in the U. The reason a Bitcoin-enabled micro task marketplace is a game changer is because Bitcoin is inherently global.

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All of the existing micro task solutions do not work well for the majority of the 2. The 21 app does though. For anyone who wants to start earning quickly in their spare time for simple tasks, 21 is a great solution. Our chat stuck to Bitcoin though. There has been a lot of excitement about Ethereum and other blockchains in the past year. Why have you guys continued to focus on Bitcoin and what do you make of the increased activity in other blockchains?

We have a few thoughts on that. With that said, we’re pragmatists. If a given community offers the right tool for the job, we will use that. Everything goes through this trigger where it gets massively hyped and then there’s a trough when people try to actually use it for something and find it’s harder than they expected. Bitcoin had its first peak inits second peak in earlyand its third in early After that early peak, Bitcoin then had a long trough which it started gradually recovering from.

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Ethereum and Blockchain in the sense of private permissioned ledgers also went through hype cycles with peaks arguably in They are in the middle of their time in the wilderness.

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