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Game is a global exchange for blockchain-based gaming tokens. Find out how it works today in guide review. By the end ofBit. Game hopes to have cryptocurrency pairs available for trading.

What Is Bit.Game?

Today, many blockchain-based games have their own currencies — including Ethereum -based games and their ERC20 tokens. Game bitcoin facilitate trading of these currencies.

The company also provides professional services to blockchain-based mining. Want to make a mining on the blockchain? Game can provide professional support.

Game will launch a crowdfunding mechanism that allows users to choose which games to support through the platform. Developers, meanwhile, can seek funding for their games through Bit.

Get Your Devices.

Game sees blockchain-based games as the future of gaming. They see gaming as having progressed through three stages, including: Pay to play Stage 2: Free to play Stage 3: Paid to play We used to purchase all of our games. With that in mind, Bit. Game is also introducing its own BGC token. Game aims to game an exchange for different blockchain-based gaming tokens. It will act as a game crowdfunding platform: Then, those games will be funded.

Game available online at this time. Game website mining to have just launched.

Compete Against Others.

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