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Bitfarms Conclusion

Recently Internet changed the way we communicate and receive information, then social media changed the way we connect and now blockchain is changing all the paradigms of the world. Bitfarms has arrived to become the leading company in this new transformation. Bitfarms owns and operates blockchain farms that powers the global decentralized financial economy.

They manage and design infrastructures which makes it possible to process transactions more efficiently and securely.

Miner Hosting

By using green and sustainable power sources, they consume less than half of the energy than any other farm in the world.

Their founders have been involved in cryptocurrency since and have invested in or operated blockchain farms around the world.

Leveraging on this experience, they have learned to operate a successful crypto farming operation, the factors to focus on and what to avoid. Bitfarms has an integrated center for remote and human operations, which empowers a decentralized financial company at a global level.

How Bitcoin Mining Works

Over the last three years, they have developed a proprietary business model that has enabled their team to lock up substantial low cost clean power capacity and stable supply of computing chips from leading manufacturers. They own and operate all of the farms associated with them in what is a vertically integrated operation where they design, construct and operate the facilities.

Their team of 50 employees and third party contractors help run the facilities. Their founders have unique technical experience in designing, building, operating and scaling server farms and data centers having founded one of the largest independent hosting companies in Canada. They have a strong reciprocal relationship with Bitmain and Antminer which is the largest ASIC chip manufacturer in the world and operate of the cryptocurrency mining pool. They have become one of the largest consumers of power from Quebec Hydroelectric and have negotiated substantial discounts on long term clean power contracts.

They use clean energy especially from Hydroelectric sources. This drastically reduces the carbon footprint. Under no circumstances will the mining operations stop. Location of farming sites are strategically placed to minimize the transport costs of the raw materials and have access to cheap sustainable power. With a trust in cryptocurrency and a philosophy that believes that the cryptocurrency prices will continue to risethe focus on holding the surplus coins as long-term investment with prudent diversification of their portfolio into precious metals and investment properties.

What Is Bitfarms?

Bitfarms Conclusion Bitfarms already has the largest crypto mining operation in North America and one of the largest professional operations in the world. They are the first public company which is dedicated to cryptomining, offering the possibility to add public or private investors. You can find more about the company on their website bitfarms. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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