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One of the best time-killers. Jul 3, Sgt. Virus I have to say, this is a really great game. It’s really easy, and also it always has something to do in the game.

There are multiple times, so even if you finish one timeline, you can go to another one. But then you can reinvest and earn different items. The pixelation fits the game in a sort of, weird way.

I really like it that you can customize your person in so many ways, from beards, to shirts, to hats and glasses.


One of the features that should be added is that there are different variations of accessories for your person. It would be even better if you could do webcams with the people and their avatars within the game, where the person you’re chatting with will be displayed in one of the corners of the screen Depending on where you choose.

The app within the game should be called “eMine”. It would be even more awesome if it displayed the top players in the app within the game.


This is my review for this game, and thank you for reading. Still an amazing game, if you have not downloaded this masterpiece, DO IT. One of my favorite features of this game is the news bar at the top of the screen. This feature gives out all sorts of silly and wacky stuff happening in this digital world.

Also the soundtrack is amazing.

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However, there are some features I’d like to see: The ability to interact with your pet and be able to feed it. Power outages that last about 30s. Keep the current way you normally mine bitcoins in this game in easy, and do everything yourself in hard.

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