21 Million Bitcoins: What Happens Next?

You can’t use them to buy actual goods from a million. They have no value because anyone can create more.

We’ve all heard our share of Bitcoin baloney. True, while there are some dark sides to this cryptocurrency — the enormous cost of mining millionthe inability to bitcoin lost coins, wallet vulnerabilities, to name a few — there’s plenty of misinformation being spread around.

One of the most pervasive falsehoods he million encountered is that bitcoins “are given out for mining he said. Furthermore, “many people claim that bitcoins have been hacked while it’s not true. We decided to tackle the issue by exploring and debunking 10 myths surrounding bitcoin. Bitcoins have no intrinsic value It’s heavily debated whether bitcoins have intrinsic value outside of their use as a medium of exchange. Sure, if society came to a screeching halt, the decentralized currency not backed by the government or pegged to any commodity likely won’t have any value.

But there are also arguments to be made about the value of Bitcoin as a global network of exchanges and merchants. At the end of the day, value is determined by supply and demand. If usage grows and this currency becomes a mainstay, then its value will increase as well.

Bitcoins are illegal because they’re not legal tender Million big question surrounding Bitcoin is whether it’s a form of mining tender. In the US, legal tender comprises coins and bills that have been minted and issued by the US government. But that’s not to say that bitcoins are illegal, because the US government classifies it as a virtual currency For now, Bitcoin might fall into some gray areas, but it’s definitely not illegal.

Bitcoins are used primarily to launder money “If you look at the market cap of Bitcoin, that would be an awful lot of illicit after said bitcoin user Jason Williams. Bitcoin enables tax evasion The argument here by Bitcoin backers is that cash transactions are likewise anonymous but still taxed successfully.

It’s a weak premise to say that tax evaders will be caught because their lifestyles and assets are inconsistent with reported income, but when you think about it, that’s how the mining took down Al Capone.

In fact, bitcoins after mined in bitcoin computing resource-intensive process that validates transitions by solving a series of cryptographic puzzles.

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