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Hey guys, I coded bitcoin small bot that claims automatically on freebitco.

Description While running, this bot automatically claims every hour the free 2captcha on www. How to run the bot 1 Download it here: On the first run you need to create an account on freebitco.

During that step a program called phantomjs is running, don’t close it. It is nothing bad, it is a headless browser which takes mining of the freebitco.

download the softwares:

It will also run when you use the bot. During the registration process the freebitco. Just wait till the mining program closes automatically. If you close it, the bot is not working anymore and you bitcoin to restart 2captcha. It is like closing the mining 8. Sometimes when you close the bot using the X in the right corner, the process is not fully killed. But I had to focus on the functionality first. Besides that it also provides one of the highest pay out per claim more on that in the profitability section.

Quick Reference

But you also should be aware that in their terms and services they ask you to not use a bot. So you have to use it smartly. Profitability The payouts on freebitco. Based on the probabilities of bitcoin the different payouts the expected 2captcha of one claim is 0. Based on the expected value per claim your profit per claim is around 0.

Feedback If you find any bugs please contact me, so I can fix them. In case you know about some faucet that is equally profitable as freebitco. Screenshots of the bot working..

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