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Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency that is used worldwide. Learn more how it works and how it can be applied from the manual below. Low comission of Bitcoin or its abcense, if one wishes as well as complete transaction anonymity have become a revolutionary discovery at the market of electronic transactions.

Electronic p2p currencies are constantly gaining popularity with the users. To get detailed information about Bitcoin please visit official website Bitcoin Official Site.

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Now at the market there is a great number of cryptocurrencies similar to Bitcoin that have the same characteristics of safety and reliability. The most reliable currencies are available at Yobit. Cryptocurrencies don’t save any personal data about the owners of electronic wallets. Attack-proof encryption cryptoalgorythms are used by the system that excludes the threat of access to electronic wallets by third parties as well as forgery of electronic accounts.

Bitcoin and other currencies are strongly protected and completely anonymous. Due to the fact that personal wallets are located in users’ computers Yobit.

Among such protection measures there are correct configuration of home routers, installation of anti-virus software etc. Registration is fully free! After sending the application for registration you will receive e-mail letter with activation link which you should use to activate your account.

As soon as your account is activated you need to deposit funds to your wallet in the system in order to start working and fulfilling exchange transactions in Wallets. You will be provided address for funds deposit which you should use to make transfer.

After successful copmletion of transaction you will get access to the whole menu and functions of Yobit. All the transactions conducted at our website are irreversible that is why use of reversible deposit methods could result in misapplication cases. In future we are planning to add the following funds deposit methods: We are working at improvement of Support Team performance.

However any funds transfer and changes can take up to 24 hours. Sometimes delays in days are possible. The reason lies in special characteristics of transaction conduct in cryptocurrency networks.

Please take it into account while fulfilling deposit and withdrawal transactions. Comission amount depends upon the currency type however does not exceed 0.

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