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Furthermore, I will never approach you and ask for a bounty. Please include all relevant information, e. And please, don’t open multiple tickets with the same problem, or send the same issue to several different places.

It will only slow things down.

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I would like to announce a new cryptocurrency exchange – Poloniex. Here are the major ones. First, none of the major exchanges are listing NXT. DGEX is great, but I have long wanted to see NXT on an exchange that has candlestick charts and executes trades at the best possible price.


I also think NXT will benefit from being on more than one exchange, and listed alongside other, more well-known currency pairs. Secondly, I want the fees to be fair, with no surprises. Trading fees are 0. Having no fees is not sustainable and will ultimately result in corners being cut, and having no fees for a while to draw customers in and then suddenly imposing them feels like a bait-and-switch to me.

Lastly, it is a top priority to keep Poloniex running smoothly. We will not bite off more than we can chew. If traffic starts swamping the servers or we have any problems with the functionality of the exchange, we will address the problem before continuing to expand. We will be upfront about issues. How can I trust you? Trust has to be built. I will operate Poloniex with honesty and integrity and be as transparent as possible when answering your questions.

I believe this is the only true way to earn trust.

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I will monitor this thread and respond to your questions and feedback. If there is anything you have always wanted to see in an exchange, please let us know! What do you say about the recent delisting of coins, most of these coins had very large volume for your exchange and most had very active development. Why would you decide to delist? Why would you do such a thing if your not a scammer.

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