Earn bitcoins writing about whatever you know

You can write about just about anything, but it must be in the form of a question and answer. Here are some examples to start you thinking about ideas: What is fiat currency?

How do you fry an egg?

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How can you safely back up your family photos? What is the best Elvis song? What’s a good way to learn Spanish? How do you fix a bicycle puncture? What is trigonometry used for?

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What do trading terms such as “bid”, “ask”, “call”, and “put” mean? What would it be like to live on Mars? How many megapixels does a good camera need? What are the main differences between a Mac and a PC? What are the main parts of a car? Topics must not get out-of-date quickly. This would exclude questions like “Which country recently had a change of government?

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Minimum is words, maximum is words. You can consult the internet to look up or check facts, but don’t paraphrase what is already on the web I could get that done ten times cheaper using Mechanical Turk, if that was what I wanted.

Upon payment, you transfer rights in the article to my company Uclue Ltdwhich may use the article in any way including publishing on the web.

If you would like to encourage others to re-use your article, feel free to conclude with the words “This article is released to the public domain.

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This is used to pay you, and will not be published. Look at the existing articles at http: When I launched the Quezi site, I had hopes that it would be commercially successful.

However, the average contributed article yields less than 30 cents per year of advertising income. This has not enabled me to offer a reasonable fee for articles in the past, but if you think the value of a bitcoin will continue to rise, this could be quite worthwhile.

This offer closes at the end of February Send your articles to me by forum PM. I don’t guarantee to accept every article, but I expect to accept the vast majority, making editorial changes if necessary. If you want to ask about something before you start writing, this thread would be a good place to ask.

If you want to suggest an accompanying photo, that would be great..

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