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Trading can charge each trading a fixed altcoin pro-rata fee than can be decreased by increasing the trading volumes. Buying after the news has been announced can still be profitable at times, so this is not a hard and fast rule you should always follow, but it is certainly true that the best profits go to people who correctly 1web1 the news, buy early on the rumourand then sell into any spike in the price as a result of latecomers entering into the market after the announcement.

To be a successful altcoin flipper, you have to engage yourself in a continuous process of learning, practice and experimentation. In either case, the kind of artificial altcoin pump driven by this kind of hype is often followed by a price crash as the people behind it cash out at the higher price. So, I keep an eye on the trading volume on Poloniex, because in most cases, coins with the highest trading volume, represent good profit opportunities, especially 1web1 you know when to jump trading, i.

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In the end, I have to emphasize that cryptocurrency trading represents a highly risky investment, so always trade only the amount you afford to lose, especially in the beginning until you accumulate enough experience to invest larger amounts. You can check the ICO Calendar for the newest altcoins, or just follow the Bitcoin Talk forum thread about emerging altcoins. Never put all eggs in one basket and invest 1web1 much of your portfolio in one ICO.

It is common practice to use the currently available supply rather than the total supply, and this may exclude unreleased premines.

What are altcoins?

That statement altcoin familiar to every soldier around. How to be mostly on the green side? There are some exchange on the market, where you can purchase altcoin directly on the site before starting trading..

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