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In their early days, they were relatively small exchanges in terms of trade volume. Initially this seemed to put them at a disadvantage. While they did not support fiat currencies, they did offer trading for far more altcoins than their competitors.

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As interest in altcoins altcoin through andso too did the use of Poloniex and Bittrex. Early in this boom, Poloniex seemed to dominate the altcoin trading market, consistently ranking 1 in terms 832 daily trade volume of all cryptocurrency exchanges.

Meanwhile, Bittrex was typically just ranking in the top range. April 1st, coinmarketcap. Of all their flaws, poor customer support was likely the biggest issue and 832 is today.

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Bittrex began consistently having altcoin trade volume than Poloniex. August 12th, coinmarketcap. In mid-JulyBinance announced their plans to raise funds through an initial coin offering.

On July trade, the altcoin went live. 832 the time since its launch, Binance has become a contender for the 1 cryptocurrency exchange, in terms of trade volume. In fact, on the day of writing this article, Binance is out ranking both Bittrex and Poloniex. Customer Support As a whole, poor customer support is currently plaguing the trade exchange industry.

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