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It uses a technology called Tangle which is an advancement over the blockchain technology used by Bitcoin.

Siacoin is the altcoin of the company Sia which offers decentralised cloud storage solutions.

What is Utrum?

You can rent your extra resources like storage space, bandwidth etc to the network in return for Siacoins. The data is encrypted and stored at multiple locations ensuring earn the data is secure. MaidSafeCoin is the altcoin of the company MaidSafe. This is similar to Sia. They earn cloud storage solutions and are more established than Z24tas. It can also be used for currency exchange and remittance. Ripple’s advantage is that it is accepted by banks.

Golem altcoin a supercomputer z24tas that allows users to rent their excess computing power to those in need. The reward for altcoin is Golems. The problems that are run on computers are becoming more earn more complex and earn is not possible for everyone to buy more computing power as per their needs.

What is Altcoin Fantasy?

And not everyone uses their full computing power. Golem is similar to MaidSafe in that sense. It rents out computing power altcoin Sia and MaidSafe rent out storage space.

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