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June 09, This is depend of users how they use bitcoin.

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Because there bounty participants I xeltatmanebi have limits. So many peoples like to join bounty campaign because bounty is good option to earn more coin. Because we all know if bitcoin is some good a way for us to get more and earn money. So that is true if bitcoin become an asset. Be patient xeltatmanebi your profit on: Because we need to patience for get profit, as we know patience is the first key for us to running a business in cryptocurrency.

Why people are still buying BTC? Because there still so many peoples believed in bitcoin and there still so many peoples invest in bitcoin that’s why peoples are earn buying bitcoin.

When crypto will die? And in my altcoin crypto words will never die until whenever.

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Will bitcoin Die because of global Regulations? I think regulation in cryptocurrency will not earn bitcoin die altcoin will make bitcoin more strong. June 08, June 07, Cryptocurency untuk pengusaha kecil dan menengah. Why buy and store bitcoinsome opinions from me! June 02, June 01, Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? May 31, May 26, But is all depend of you, if you want to trading you must see the market development has gone up or not..

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