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Brody begins training under Mitch across the beach. He nearly steps on a poisonous sea urchin until Mitch points it out. On the water, Rodriguez tells Leeds that he made arrangements with his people for the real estate deal, but because he did not deliver on time, Leeds has her two thugs Frankie Amin Joseph and Leon Jack Kesy come around to intimidate Rodriguez. He tries to call Leeds’s bluff by saying he knows about her pushing drugs.

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She leaves her men to deal with Rodriguez. As the guys continue their training, Leeds drives up and has Mitch introduce her. She invites the whole team to an open house that night at the Huntley. Not long after she leaves, Steph answers a call about a yacht burning up on the beach. The whole team, including the trainees, rush out there to find the burning boat.

Mitch hops on the boat and rescues three women but also finds an unconscious man. Brody dives under the water to try and help, but he gets caught under the fire. Steph uses her jet ski to splash water around the fire while Summer pulls Brody out. When they get back to the shore, they find that the man they pulled out is dead, and it’s Rodriguez. Ellerbee shows up, and Mitch tries to talk about what they’ve investigated, but Ellerbee tells him to stay out of what is a police matter.

We see that Dave is working for Leeds as her tech guy. He attempts to blackmail her so that he doesn’t say anything about Rodriguez’s murder. She has something else in mind. The team sits down to have lunch and discuss the fact that a dead body has turned up, in addition to finding more Flaca on the women they rescued they were high off the stuff. They decide to attend the open house to get any more information on Leeds that they can get. That evening, the team goes “undercover” at the open house party.

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